I’m a lifelong runner turned running coach and movement specialist. I’m passionate about supporting runners to create a balanced routine that allows them to run injury-free for years to come. I’d love to connect with you and help guide you on your journey. 

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Do I get Athlete Lab Virtual Studio access if I sign up for coaching?
Your first month of coaching comes with free all-access to the Athlete Lab Virtual Studio. After that, I offer discounted Athlete Lab Virtual Studio memberships for those athletes who I coach. However, if I think a class I offer would fit in well with your training, I will often provide you with a free code to take that class if it is assigned to you.

How do I know what offering/service is right for me?
If your primary focus is training for a race or a running related goal and you would like your mileage programmed for you, then run coaching is your best option. If you either aren’t training for a race or running related goal at the moment, but are looking more for strength and mobility guidance, there are a bunch of different options for you. You can reach out to me via email so we can discuss what is the best path for you. And if there isn’t a standard option that works for what you need, I’m happy to create a completely custom offering that supports your training at this time.

Can I still work with you on strength and mobility even if I work with another running coach?
Yes! I work with lots of athletes in different capacities and if you are already working with a running coach, or working off a standard plan or with a running group/racing team and do not need run coaching, I am still available to support you on other aspects of your training like strength and mobility.  

Can I still work with you on strength and mobility even if I am currently working with a physical therapist on an injury?
Yes! I highly encourage physical therapy as a priority resource when you are dealing with an injury or keeping a dysfunction from developing. Everything that we do will complement your physical therapy work and you will see even faster improvement working with both a PT and a movement specialist coach.
Do you offer any in person coaching services?
I do not offer any in person coaching services at this time. I do have some offerings for in-person special events and workshop opportunities.  

Do you offer discounts to any running groups or organizations?
Yes. I am affiliated with and provide discounts to various club, groups and organizations. Please inquire directly with me for an up to date list. I also offer free Athlete Lab Virtual Studio Memberships to full time fitness professionals, coaches or those working full time in the running industry.   

Can I hire you to work for my running club or do a special event for my organization (or race)?
Yes. I am available for both virtual and (when possible) in person events. Please inquire for current rates and availability.

Do you charge for a consultation?
I invite everyone to hop on Zoom with me for a 10-15 minute free consultation to answer quick questions or to get help navigating my offerings and decide what path is right for you and your training. If your situation is more complex or you would like me to do a virtual assessment or more specialized guidance, then consultations start at $80. Consultation fees are waived for anyone purchasing private sessions or signing up for coaching.

What is a “movement specialist for athletes”?
My background is so diverse, ranging from working in the spheres of traditional strength training, yoga, pilates, barre and Lagree, as well as all of that being informed by my years of working as a running coach, that I preferred a title that reflected my holistic approach to training an athlete’s body in sound movement mechanics as a priority. Through my training, education and experience not only in the running industry, but in other sports as well (skiing, climbing, cycling, etc…), I understand how the body is meant to move and what can happen when we get injured, dysfunction arises or poor mechanics lead to decreased performance. Yes, I am a strength and mobility coach. Yes, I am a running coach. Yes, I am a yoga educator and group fitness instructor. But first and foremost, I am a movement expert and that lets me see things not just from a different perspective, but act from a multi-dimensional approach.  

What is the Athlete Lab Virtual Studio?
Athlete Lab was founded in 2019 to help runners find the resources they needed when it came to strength and mobility. In 2020, Athlete Lab Virtual Studio was created to deliver online classes and content to runners safely during the pandemic. Years later, the online studio has grown and evolved into a place where runners can take livestream classes or on demand content, or take part in special events that bring the community together, virtually. Memberships and drop-ins are available.  

Which Athlete Lab class should I start with?
It depends on what you’re looking for! If you don’t know where to start, I always say starting with an Athlete Lab 20 class is a good place to start because they are shorter classes and the focus is usually laid out ahead of time so you know what you’re getting into– low commitment and you’ll get a good feel for my style of teaching and where you are at in terms of wanting more or less intensity. If you’re looking for a longer option, I always think Reset classes are a nice place to start because they incorporate light strength and mobility so you’ll land yourself in the middle of the spectrum and be able to decide after whether you want to go more towards the strength and maybe head towards a Resilience class or go more towards mobility and check out one of those other options like Release, Recover, etc… If you feel lost, you can always reach out to me via email to see what classes would work best for you.  

Do I need to skip my run when I take an Athlete Lab class, or will I be too sore to run after?
Everyone is different, but I specifically designed all Athlete Lab classes to work WITH your training and to be seamlessly dropped into your training week without interrupting your run programming. With just a few exceptions, you won’t be lifting heavy weights or raising your heart rate so much that it makes running on the same day feel harder. If anything, you’ll improve the quality of your same day runs.

I’m currently injured, can I still participate in group classes?  
I am not a doctor. You should always seek medical advice and get clearance from your doctor or health care professional before taking part in classes or by undergoing run training if you have any doubt in your mind that you are too injured, ill or otherwise unable to do so. That being said, if you are cleared to work out or run, then we can work with that! While I am NOT a doctor, I am familiar with common runner injuries and how to work around them in a movement setting. But I am not a mind-reader. So if you are currently working through an injury that you are concerned with or do not know how to manage in a movement setting, please set up a free Zoom chat with me beforehand or send me an email so we can see what classes might be best suited for you to start with and I can give you some general guidance on how to modify various movements. If you have an injury or dysfunction that you currently know how to manage in a movement setting, feel free to let me know about it if you want, or manage it as you see fit in the room using your best judgment.

Should I wait to begin getting coached until I am injury free?
It depends! If your injury restricts you from all running and movement based training, it may be best to work with your physical therapist and sports medicine professionals to get you to a stronger starting place so you can take full advantage of coaching. However, if you are currently getting over an injury and ready to start training again, even if you will need to ease your way in or modify training to facilitate the remainder of your recovery, please reach out to me and chat. I am here to help you at whatever stage of training or level of fitness you are in, and I will also be honest and transparent with you about when the best time to start coaching would be so as to get the most out of my expertise and your coaching experience.

Do I get Athlete Lab Virtual Studio access if I sign up for coaching?
Your first month of coaching comes with free all-access to the Athlete Lab Virtual Studio. After that, I offer discounted Athlete Lab Virtual Studio memberships for those athletes who I coach. However, if I think a class I offer would fit in well with your training, I will often provide you with a free code to take that class if it is assigned to you.

What does it mean to have “custom run coaching”?
Custom run coaching means programming that is designed just for you, your needs, your goals and your schedule. When you are being coached by me, you are getting something baked from scratch, never out of a book or a database. And I will never copy and paste a plan from another athlete into your spreadsheet. I believe that every runner deserves something that will work for them, personally, and that they are able to achieve given their life, work, and other commitments. Every runner, even ones that on paper might look like they could use the same plan, can benefit from a personalization of various aspects of their training. I’m here to support you as the unique, individual athlete that you are.

What kind of runners do you coach?
If you’re a runner or an aspiring runner, I can coach you. I have trained runners of all abilities, experience levels, on all surfaces and distances. My current roster of athletes range from those training for everything from road half marathons to trail 100-milers, as well as many athletes also with other fitness goals instead of or in addition to race goals.  

How will I receive my training?
You will receive your training via Google Spreadsheets, which I have found is the most adaptable way for me to input your workouts, for us to communicate and for you to use as a training log. If you would like your training delivered on another platform like Final Surge, Training Peaks, Bird or VDOT, I am happy to discuss which options are currently available prior to signing up. Typically run programming is delivered in 1-2 week blocks, but other options are available for those who need more of their training schedule delivered up front.

What kind of access will I have to you?
My coaching services always come with the expectation that I am here to support you no matter what. As an athlete, you can reach out any time via email or text, as well as set up a Zoom check-in with me to discuss your training needs or to just chat a little about how things are going.  

How often will you check in on my training?
I usually formally check-in to your training 1-2x a week, and always before programming your next week or block. I encourage high communication and feedback so you are always welcome to insert comments or questions into your training spreadsheet, to which I usually respond within 24-48 hours. If there is a more urgent question about your training, you can send an email or text to me, to which I’ll respond as soon as I can.

What is “strength and mobility training” for runners?  
Strength and mobility training for runners is all the extra stuff that keeps you resilient, balanced and healthy during your training cycle. It’s not necessarily “cross training” in the same way that a spin class, rowing workout or pilates class might be, you can think of it more as supplemental training, not meant to replace your miles or the benefit you receive from running, but to bring confidence and quality to those miles by reinforcing our bodies to withstand the load and volume of run training.  

Is mobility the same as flexibility?
Flexibility can be thought of as how pliable the muscle is, or how far it can be stretched. Mobility can be thought of more in terms of range of motion in the joint, and how that control within an active range of motion is provided by strength of the muscles as opposed to just their ability to stretch. In Athlete Lab, we focus on mobility as an important component of keeping you healthy in your training, as well as the concept of functional flexibility– or how flexible a RUNNER needs to be for their sport, NOT emphasizing more flexibility as always being better.

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