You are an individual.
Let your running programming reflect that.

You are an individual. Let your running programming reflect that.

 I believe that cookie cutter programs using formulaic approaches rarely work and often lead to injury, burnout, or plateaus in progress. This is why when we work together, you’ll get a custom plan tailored to your goals, history, and lifestyle. I’ll use my extensive experience, training, and ongoing education to create a custom framework that helps you reach your goals.

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  • Completely custom Run Programming (delivered weekly)
  • Strength and mobility suggestions
  • Weekly training progress check-ins 
  • Zoom check-ins anytime 
  • Discounted access to Athlete Lab Virtual Studio classes and content
  • Priority registration for all limited in-person or virtual events as well as run together retreats
  • Access to a special and awesome community of like-minded athletes

When we work together you’ll receive:

"When you work with Jenny, you’re getting trained by someone who actually IS a runner and DEEPLY UNDERSTANDS running. Jenny helped me train for my first 12 hour run day and has proven that she can really coach. She is truly thoughtful, methodical and her energy is so calming." —Monica C.

I’m a lifelong runner turned running coach and movement specialist. I truly believe that receiving personalized run coaching is one of the most powerful things you can do for your running career. Supporting runners to create a balanced routine that allows them to run injury-free for years to come is one of my life’s callings. If you’re looking for custom run coaching that allows you to run better and stay healthy during training then you’re in the right place.

I have a wide range of clients who trust me to work with them to help them reach their running and training goals. I believe all runners of all abilities deserve something more – something made for them and a coach who can support them on their unique journey. I look forward to supporting you soon! 

Hi, I’m Jenny!

"Before working with Jenny I was inconsistent with my training and frequently injured. Jenny came highly recommended from local runner friends when I was looking for some guidance on improving my marathon training. I’ve been working with her for two years and my training is balanced, healthy, fulfilling and joyful. She helped me reach a new PR at New York too!" - Juliana E.

Runners who can’t seem to get through a training cycle without injury, worry that their training is too hard on their body and fear that they won’t make it to the start line healthy.

busy parents & professionals

Busy parent and professional whose time is limited, schedule is demanding and all over the place, and who has never had success with a cookie cutter approach designed for a 9-5 schedule.

injury-prone runners

Avid runners wanting to run more trails and/or ultramarathons, unsure of how to change their training to meet these new demands and reach new goals.

aspiring  ultramarathoners

who I work with

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If you aren’t sure whether run coaching is right for you, or if you are currently wanting to focus solely on strength and mobility, recovery or offseason resilience, reach out to discuss creating a custom offering for you and your needs.

let's help you reach your goals!

Investment: Custom run coaching starts at $130/month. Discounts are available for full-time fitness professionals

custom mobility coaching

As runners, we all have things to work on to make sure we are showing up to the start line strong and healthy. I offer a number of ways to work with me to improve your strength and mobility and develop consistency and balance in your training. Reach out to me to create a custom offering!

Strength & Mobility Coaching

I came to Jenny for coaching, looking to become a stronger runner and work through some injuries I had been experiencing. She weaves anatomy lessons into her classes and is so informative, uplifting and helpful! Her coaching plans are so thorough and she works very closely with you as your training progresses. Thanks to Jenny my training schedule has some much-needed structure and support! — Alice K.

let's work together to help you reach your goals!

It's easy to book!

It’s easy to book! Simply click the button to be led to an application. I’ll respond with an email where you can share more about what you’re looking for and we can decide if we’re a good fit. We can even hop on a Zoom or phone call if you’d like. Because I make space to get to know each and every client, please reach out at least a month in advance of your desired start date

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