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"Participating in the Athlete Lab classes has allowed me to grow my long/tempo run stamina and helped me to prevent injuries. She really zeroes in on what you need to do for strength and mobility work to keep you running, plus she breaks down everything, gives modifications and always reminds you ‘don’t be intimidated!’ I’ve also recently been loving the restorative/meditation classes as a way to help me wind down my nervous system after a long week." - Lisa G.

RESET: light strength + mobility to keep your body ready to run (45 min)

RELEASE:  myofascial release + mobility to ease away tightness (30 min)

RESILIENCE:  strength for runners (30 min)

RESTORE: restorative yoga for runners (35 min)

RECOVER: movement recovery session for runners (45 min)

YOGA FOR RUNNERS:  yoga designed with runners in mind (30 min)

ATHLETE LAB 20: focused classes that help you train even when you’re short on time (>20 min)

The Athlete Lab Virtual Studio offers expert-led, premium performance and recovery classes for runners. Come join me and a community of athletes as we explore movement that will help you build mobility, strength, and resilience on your path to becoming a better runner. I bring my unique background as a certified personal trainer, certified running coach, and E-RYT 500 certified yoga instructor and my decades-long distance running career to create impactful classes backed by science and the latest research.

Learn a bit more about the style of each class and then click on the schedule below to sign up and join me live!:

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I love my running community and my highest priority is making sure that training is sustainable and enjoyable—not just another burden or stressor in your already hectic life. I can’t wait to bring my diverse education and movement background to help you succeed in training on your own terms.

I’m a coach, trainer, and runner—but more than that, I create solutions for runners that allow them to feel better in their bodies, increase their performance, recover faster and run happier.

Hi, I’m Jenny! 

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“Jenny and I started working together in 2017...6 years (!!) later she is still coaching me to reach new goals and helping me become a better, stronger all-around athlete.” - Alicia B.

expert-led, premium performance and recovery classes for runners on-the-go?

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